Project KISS

Moorgarth are delighted to announce the launch of Project KISS at Market Place Bolton.


Project Kiss is an innovative approach to supporting local and community based retailers start their business in a focused and productive environment at our award winning shopping hub.


Daryll Bunce, Director of New Revenue Solutions comments ‘our aim is to support the establishment and growth of small and independent retailers within the community and offer them a ‘ready to go’ environment to trade from.  We are acutely aware of the need for constant innovation in the built environment, and KISS is one of many products we will be launching across the portfolio in the coming months to support these efforts.  In effect we provide the stage and the retailers bring the theatre!  Project KISS allows for a blend of 3-4 operators in one location within Market Place and generates a solid base to grow.  We have designed the space with GRAS architects from Leith in Edinburgh alongside local Bolton craftsmen to provide a range of opportunities within the location for a wide variety of operators.


Alison Stewart, Asset Manager for Moorgarth further comments…. ‘what we have always seen at Market Place is a strong demand from local independent retailers to engage and grow their businesses within our mall.  We are now able to do this with a focus of efforts in one environment, as well as improve the consistency in look and feel.  We  are providing ‘one cost’ deals for our retailers in this space which subsequently allows them to focus on growing their businesses and build a strong following.


The launch retailers include ROSCOES Cakes and Quinns Hampers, both who are establishing a physical presence for the first time.  The retailers will rotate through KISS on a constant basis, so that the offer is constantly refreshing.