A BRAND new restaurant priding itself on its bagels and milkshakes has opened in Bolton Market Place

The Bolton branch of Berries, Bagels and Shakes is the fifth in the UK but just the first outside of Yorkshire, with three in its original location of Bradford and another in Leeds.

Across the Pennines, they’ve built themselves a reputation for their fresh bagels and deliciously creamy milkshakes and if the opening few days are anything to go by then the customer satisfaction has certainly transferred over to the North West.

Liva Alberta, the Restaurant Manager said: “It’s been fantastic. People think the milkshakes and the bagels are amazing.

“Everybody’s really impressed because they didn’t think it would be as good as it actually is.

All the bagels and milkshakes are made fresh in-store, it’s also a halal restaurant and Ms Alberta noted the vegetarian options, giving it as wide an appeal as possible.

She added: “We make all our food very fresh, the bagels are fresh and the same with the milkshakes.

ADVERTISING “We also established our brand in Bradford and this is the first one in this area and all our restaurants are halal, which I think will appeal to more customers as well.

“Then there are are vegetarian options. For example, the Falafel bagel, Moroccan bagel, Pesto Melt, Cheese Savoury are all vegetarian.”

Bagels at the restaurant are priced between £1.50 and £3.75, a regular milkshake will set you back £3.95, while a large will cost £4.45. The menu also offers juices, smoothies, desserts and mocktails.