Real estate is a partnership between landlord and tenant – and in many instances, other third-party stakeholders, such as local authorities, community groups and commercial joint venture partners.

At Moorgarth, we pride ourselves on our open approach. We work alongside people and organisations to tailor projects to suit the target market. We listen to our tenants, we understand markets and we deliver.

We communicate, we innovate, we evaluate and we instigate. We operate throughout the UK in the commercial real estate space.

We have in-house expertise in strategic asset management, property development, project management and property management. All focused on providing a first-class, end-to-end delivery and substantial value enhancement.


Moorgarth began in 2003, with an existing real estate portfolio of 31 properties and an ambition to grow. We’ve achieved this by taking on more, larger assets, and repositioning them through a creative, capital-intensive approach. An approach often involving strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

Moorgarth Group is now the asset manager for Moorgarth Holdings (Luxembourg) Sarl, and a subsidiary of Tradehold Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Over recent years, we’ve created three more companies: asset-based lending business, Reward Finance Group (set up in 2010); serviced office operator, The Boutique Workplace Company (set up in 2014); Moorgarth Property Management Limited (set up in 2015).

With the success of The Boutique Workplace Company, we acquired Ventia Limited in 2015. We have now merged the two businesses to form a unified serviced office company, with over 3,000 workstations throughout central London.

What makes Moorgarth different

When you deal with us, you’ll notice we have a distinctive way of working:

  • We take a creative approach – we do things differently to develop properties that stand out from the norm, and to provide a service that exceeds expectations.
  • We’re prepared to speculate – we take calculated risks to produce bold, innovative schemes.
  • We work very hard to achieve the very best – we aim for nothing less than excellence.
  • We do everything with energy and enthusiasm – we’re proud of what we do, we take ownership of everything we do, and we enjoy doing it well.
  • We embrace the opportunity to work in partnerships.


Our teams are fully aware of their ecology responsibilities, and constantly strive to introduce the latest technologies to save our planet. Working with property, we have a responsibility to ensure the improvements we make to buildings have minimal impact on the environment. That means taking advantage of the latest technology to install energy-efficient lighting, heating and air conditioning. Where appropriate, we take this efficiency further by using building management systems to control and monitor all of a property’s mechanical and electrical equipment. We also support our tenants’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprint – for example, by providing cycle bays or efficient waste-management systems.

Something else we take very seriously is protecting historic properties. We have broad experience of working with listed buildings, and developing them for both retail and office purposes. Collaborating closely with conservation organisations such as Historic England ensures we help preserve our built heritage for future generations, while creating commercially viable propositions.


For us, real estate asset management is about much more than buying and refurbishing a building and then renting it out or selling it. It’s about creating a working environment that people want to spend time in, because it’s exciting, interesting, innovative, and even cool. Value is created not just from the simple rent calculation, but by developing an attractive product that the market desires.

Broadening the offer in any property environment is something we always strive to achieve, whether in a retail, office or residential environment. Being at the leading edge of consumer expectation, building design and technology enables us to be a step ahead in a very competitive world.